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Anyone with an average level of fitness and health can enjoy scube diving

However - some heart, breathing and lung problems (such as asthma) could rule out your participation.

Before enrolling onto a PADI training course you would need to complete the PADI Medical Questionaire and answer "YES" or "NO" to each question.

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Diving Holidays Red Sea

Diving holidays to the Red Sea are consistently listed as one of the world’s top places to dive. Shaped like a fountain pen, it’s 2,250 kilometres long, 355 kilometres wide and has a maximum depth of 2,211 metres. That said, it’s the many shallow shelves that are the big appeal for divers. Around 40 per cent of the Red Sea is under 100 metres with drop offs that are marked by beautiful coral reefs. In fact, there are 2,000 kilometres of reefs fringing the coastlines, some of which are 5,000 to 7,000 years old.

Along with ancient corals, you can expect to see no end of wildlife under the waves on your diving holiday to the Red Sea. The waters are so rich with fauna and flora, the Egyptian government set up the Ras Mohammed National Park in 1983. Over 1,200 species of fish have been spotted, including golden pufferfish, seahorse and yellow guitarfish. What’s more, you won’t see 10 per cent of the species that live here anywhere else in the world. Plus, of course, many people book diving holidays to the Red Sea for the experience of swimming with sharks like hammerheads, greys and whitetips.

If you’ve booked a diving holiday to the Red Sea but have never taken the plunge before, the Red Sea’s a great place to learn. The water’s warm and visibility is great. And here at Ocean College, we’ve got loads of Learn To Dive courses, plus, you can achieve your PADI certification with us in two to four days. If, on the other hand you’re a regular diver, you can sign up for one of our Professional Diving or Technical Diving courses or join one of our adventure dives. We’ve been in the diving game for over a decade, so we’ll take you to the best sites going.

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Weather & Water Temps

The sun shines in the Red Sea 365 days a year with virtually no rain.

Depending on the time of year, the thermometer hovers between 24°C and 39°C and the water temperature is 22°C to 26°C – so diving is great year-round.

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