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Anyone with an average level of fitness and health can enjoy scube diving

However - some heart, breathing and lung problems (such as asthma) could rule out your participation.

Before enrolling onto a PADI training course you would need to complete the PADI Medical Questionaire and answer "YES" or "NO" to each question.

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Ocean Tec

We all know how important clean air is. Underwater it becomes even more so. That’s why we only use top quality air and gas for our divers. It comes from Ocean Tec, the largest – and most reputable – gas filling station in the Middle East. We supply around 1,000 tanks of pure clean breathing gas every day and our quality control is first-class. To make doubly sure, we have our gas inspected by an independent auditor every month. That way, we know our divers have the purist breathing air going.

Ocean Tec makes sure our technical divers are very well catered for, too. They’re the only station in the Red Sea offering 300 bar fills. We blend our gas for technical dives, including Nitrox and Trimix using a state-of-the-art blending panel designed in the USA. A range of pre-slung oxygen clean stage tanks can be accurately filled with high and low ‘deco’ mixes of any percentage.

All our skilled staff are TDI, DSAT, ANDI and ITDA qualified gas blenders. In fact, we’re so experienced the accuracy of the mix is guaranteed to be within 1%. That’s more accurate than the majority of gas analysers. Just so you know, Ocean Tec doesn’t just supply Ocean College with top-quality gas. They’re proud to be gas and equipment suppliers to customers like Leigh Cunningham and Mark Andrews who entered the World Record books for the ‘Deepest Wreck Dive’ to an astounding 205 metres.

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Weather & Water Temps

The sun shines in the Red Sea 365 days a year with virtually no rain.

Depending on the time of year, the thermometer hovers between 24°C and 39°C and the water temperature is 22°C to 26°C – so diving is great year-round.

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